Chinese builders erect 30story building in 15 days

first_imgIt doesn’t matter where you live in the world, new buildings are going to be erected on a regular basis. Either to replace old ones that have been demolished, or as part of a new housing, business, or entertainment development. Also dependent on where you live is how quickly construction happens. It can take months to years depending on the size, type, and number of buildings.Whatever the reason and purpose of construction, the faster a building can go up, the cheaper it is to erect, and the sooner it can be used to generate revenue for the owner. In China, the construction company Broad Group seems to have perfected a rapid build system, to the point where they can construct a new 30-story tower block in just 15 days.As the video below demonstrates, the trick to this speed is using prefabricated sections and working all 24 hours of the day. Even so, the finished building, in this case a hotel, is impressive. As well as providing rooms for hundreds of guests, the hotel is designed to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and has insulated, automated 4-panel windows that help to filter out bright sunlight. Air quality in China’s largest cities is an issue, but Broad Group have solved that problem too by installing an air filtration system for every room that improves air purity 20x. Even if there’s dense smog outside, inside the hotel guests will be breathing easy. It’s also very energy efficient, uses a heat recovery system, and it looks as though the central shaft used for the crane becomes the elevator shaft. Very clever.Read more at Singularity Hublast_img read more

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