Google Docs for Android adds offline viewing tablet tweaks

first_imgJust over a year ago, Google introduced an HTML5-powered offline mode for Google Docs on the web. Now, they’ve finally brought the same functionality to Android smartphones and tablets with the release of version 1.0.43 of the Google Docs app.It’s important to note that only basic offline support has been added. You can tap the thumb tack icon to grab an offline copy of any document, and you can view it within the Docs app while your phone or tablet lacks a wireless connection. Offline editing capabilities have not been added.Google’s release post about this addition caused some confusion, apparently, with a note about updates to your offline documents being synced whenever a connection is restored. What that means is that if you edit a document via the Google Docs web interface and you have an offline copy of it on your Android device, the Android app will pull down a fresh copy whenever you edit the online version from somewhere else.If full offline editing kung fu had been rolled into Docs for Android, it seems likely that Google would have made more of a to-do about its arrival than a single blog post and a 5-item list in the “what’s new” section of the Docs page on the Android Market. A major feature addition like that would also probably warrant a version bump, too.Also arriving in the update is a tweaked tablet mode that supports higher resolutions and enables swiping to page through documents and spreadsheets — which Google says makes for an easier, more natural reading experience on Android slabs. More at Google Docslast_img read more

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