Anakin May Need to Take a Loan Out for Pure Gold Helmet

first_imgWith the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope taking place this year, it seems as if the mouse house wants all eyes on them in anticipation for The Last Jedi’s release this December. Across the sea near Disney Japan, they are doing just that with a pretty flashy approach.May the 4th is here, and tons of exclusives are hitting store shelves all over the world. Though, one item might be a tad hard for most hardcore collectors to obtain.This life size Darth Vader helmet is solid gold and runs for 154 million yen (US $1.4 Million).I would not recommend wearing it though, as it weighs in at a whopping 33 pounds and may turn you into your favorite Funko bobble-head.The Sith lords helmet is currently being displayed at the GINZA TANAKA jewelry store in Tokyo’s Ginza district from now until May 28th. It is said that the mat finish along with the shiny ends give a real force prospective look (pun intended).After seeing this today, it has me thinking, the Tanaka jewelry store has sold a solid gold Godzilla before this, now Vader’s helmet. Is someone actually buying these lavish geeky conversation pieces? Or are they being melted down to create the next big promotion? I’d like to believe Marvels The Collector has these floating in his chamber. Or better yet, Gold Member is behind it all. I say we find them and replace C-3PO’s leg and arm once and for all. Make him whole again… In goooooolllld!last_img read more

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