Sony shutting down 4 niche multiplayer games this month

first_imgIt’s always sad to hear of an online game being shut down, because invariably it’s going to impact at the very least a small group of players who were really enjoying it. So for Sony to announce four MMOs are being turned off is a bit surprising.The only upside is, at least 3 of these games you may have never even heard of before. The games on the chop list include:Cosmic RiftInfantryEverQuest Online AdventuresStar Chamber: The Harbinger SagaAll the names in that list may mean nothing to you except the highly recognizable EverQuest. This version launched on the PS2 back in 2003, so has had a very good run considering the console is effectively a dead platform now. Even so, Sony is offering players 3 months of Gold Membership in alternative titles EverQuest or EverQuest II. That’s a clever move as it could keep some player playing and therefore paying.Cosmic RiftAs for the other three games, there’s no such freebie on offer. Cosmic Rift is a 2D, top-down science fiction space-based shooter that saw a release back in 2001. Its main draw was a 4-on-4 league, but that ended in 2005 and apparently no one has been playing it since.InfantryInfantry is an isometric combat game that varied the gameplay and weaponry depending on which zone you spawned into. It was released in 1999, and much like Cosmic Rift, had its player base die off around 2005. It has since limped along with Sony mostly ignoring it in terms of development and support.Star Chamber: The Harbinger SagaFinally, we have the third game you may never have known about: Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga. It’s an online collectible card game first released in 2003 and is free to play, although extra cards cost money. Sony seems to have removed the game’s page from the Station website already, but you can still find information about it on the Matrix Games website.EverQuest Online Adventures players will receive their free Gold Memberships on March 16. All of the games being shut down will see their servers turned off on March 29, so you’ve still got some time to sample the games if you have a Station account.via Sonylast_img read more

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