Lego Gears of War 3 Lancer does Dom proud

first_imgIf you’ve played Gears of War then you know about the Lancer. It’s the game’s most famous weapon, a full-automatic assault rifle equipped with a chainsaw. Also known as the Lancer Assault Rifle Mk2, it’s a mainstay of the COG fighting force and it’s the weapon you’ll carry with you for most of the game. It is, in some ways, outclassed by Gears of War 3‘s Retro Lancer, but that chainsaw bayonet is just about as much fun as melee combat gets.Lego expert PLUM B has created a working version of the Gears 3 Lancer… working being the operative word in that statement. Just a quick list of the functional parts in case you don’t think it classifies as a working piece of Lego art: the trigger, safety, the cocking spring (or whatever you call the thing on the top that gets pulled back), the cartridge, the cartridge lock, the side-mounted handle, and — best of all — the chainsaw bayonet.If all that hasn’t blown your mind, then fast forward to 2:45. At that point the gun starts firing rubber bands (semi-automatically). A clip full of eight rubber bands is loaded and then they are fired at paper targets, one by one (don’t miss the Gears-style HUD on the top right).So what’s missing from this amazing creation? Well, obviously it’s not fully automatic and you don’t get a power bonus by reloading at the perfect time. Also, chainsaw bayonet doesn’t have a pull-start like in Gears of War 3. Finally, it’s not as beat up as the equipment in the game, but hey, they had to be new at one time, right?So our most formal golf clap goes out to PLUM B for the creation of the Lancer Mk2. It would have been much easier to make a Boomshot, Gnasher shotgun, or Hammerburst, but they wouldn’t have been as impressive as the iconic Lancer.PLUM B, via Kotakulast_img read more

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