Call of Duty Ghosts advert suggests Xbox One launches November 5

first_imgMicrosoft has yet to confirm an actual release date beyond November 2013 for the Xbox One. However, advertising appearing on the UK Xbox website is acting as a big hint as to the specific date.If you visit the official Xbox website for the UK at the moment there is a page-wide advertisement for the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now that game is a multiplatform release, appearing on PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC, and of course Xbox One. But in the advertisement we see the Xbox One box displayed, and just above it is the date 5.11.13.Although that date has been known for a while, to me this suggests that Call of Duty: Ghosts, which is an Xbox One launch game, will be out on November 5 alongside the Xbox One. That fits, not only because: why would you launch a game for a system that’s not available yet? But also because November 5 is a Tuesday. The Xbox 360 launched on a Tuesday back in 2005, although it was later in the month on November 22.The advert could be a mistake, though. Maybe the current gen and PC versions of the game launch on November 5 and the Xbox One version will come later when the new console launches. In that case it should really be the Xbox 360 Call of Duty case being displayed.We don’t yet know when the PS4 launch will happen, but it seems likely that Sony will want to beat Microsoft to market. The PS4 has had a much better reception than the Xbox One from gamers so far, so why wait? An October launch would be my guess, which would also mean PS4 owners get COD:Ghosts before Xbox One, unless of course Microsoft has done an exclusive next-gen deal with Activision.last_img read more

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