Álvaro Giménez: “Marking half that last year would be happy”

first_imgFor his part, Filip Malbasic arrives from Tenerife, where the coach did not have the Serbian, “I had problems in Tenerife, when the Cádiz offer arrived I was glad because it is a very good opportunity. I did not enter the plans of the master, so they got a good opportunity for me, now to work in Cádiz “.The Serbian striker is happy with his debut, “I am here to do my best. We got a very important point against Zaragoza.” In addition, he acknowledges in a humorous tone that the teammates have not recriminated the goal he scored on the penultimate day of the 2017/18 season, which left the yellow team at the gates of the ascent play off.Óscar Arias: “The president is responsible for the renovation of the Mr.”The sports director of Cádiz has analyzed the winter market. He is satisfied with the work done despite the difficulties They have found. He claims to be in tune with the cadista coach.Pretensions winter market. “Given that the winter market is more complex than the summer market, because it is smaller, expectations are reduced and complex, I think we have improved in certain situations as demanded. We have enabled the departure of players who were not having a lot of participation and we have looked for players who raise the level We are happy with the additions and the exits We have not been able to find that left-handed player, we are in the line of what the coach wants The options that we have considered have not come out. Most of the players who play in that demarcation usually do it with a changed leg, so there aren’t many options. “ Álvaro Giménez has highlighted his arrival at “a historic club, which has the objective of promotion”. Regarding the responsibility of defending the Pichichi Trophy from last season it is clear that the key is “work and try to make things go well, with half the goals that last season would be very happy.”The ilicitano knows that it will be difficult to make a hole in the eleven, “now we are four, it will cost a lot to play, with work you will try to win the position, but always with companionship. “As for his time in the English league, the player acknowledges having grown “in recent months I haven’t played what I wanted, but I’m not sad and I have improved a lot. “ Left-handed end “We work on what the coach asks. Several names have been discussed, but in the end the circumstances have not occurred. We are in the line of play that the coach wants. Perea is being very important in that demarcation, if we could have found a player who played with that natural leg would have been a help. “Manage strikers “We have the top we had before the market, we had four and we still have four. A priori we give more resources and potential to the team.”Objective. “Cádiz is the first, we have been there almost all season. We want to take a twist to continue in that fight. The market opens when it opens and that is when you have to find improvements.”Álvaro Cervera renovation. “I will not talk about that issue. That is what the president is doing. We have already said that Álvaro will be here until he wants to.”First Division Euphoria. “I think that nobody here has talked about promotion at any time, but of being ambitious, we cannot deny that we are up and that we have been there all year, we will try to do everything possible to stay there. Ambition is not subtracted, all we have the same thing in mind, we know we can fall if we don’t do things right. “Worse performance in the second laps. “What we try is to improve, the guarantees do not exist in football. The truth is that the players have performance levels and there are some better than others, but it does not guarantee us anything. We have a very definite identity stamp and we must emphasize in that because it works for us. “Cádiz B objectives. “Sometimes there is confusion, Cádiz B as a team is not the important thing, the important thing is the players that are in that moment of formation so that they have the maximum options to play in the first team. There is a competitive aspect, that they have to compete , but the difficulties they encounter with other teams that have marked objectives, makes them have deficiencies. “Subsidiary incorporations. “Marc Baró, on the left, is something different from what we had. Viedma can be important, we know him well from Sevilla and he has a very high level. Hicham is going to give us packaging, he has made a great effort to come here, it is a player who has shown that he wants to continue growing and succeed in football. All the players of the branch try to have the maximum guarantees of playing in the first team. “last_img read more

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